Urban Beaches

A common association with the thought of beaches around our great lakes is “road trip.” Some of the best beaches around our lakes are actually in these urban centers that many of us already call home! Imagine being a short bike ride or Uber away from an unparalleled beach experience—we’ll show you where some of the best beach spots are in the major cities around the Great Lakes where you can get your tan, paddle, and drink on.




Belle Isle Beach

Belle Isle is a 1.5-square-mile island in the Detroit River that is the country’s largest city-owned park.  Of the many amenities the island offers (check out the conservatory if the weather isn’t agreeable) Belle Isle Beach is a half-mile beach on a shallow cove of the island facing the US (remember the island is right in the middle of the river allowing great views of both the US and Canada). The shallow cove offers cover from the current and allows paddle boarding and kayaking as well as ample space to swim and enjoy the fresh water moving from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie.



The Windy City’s location on the western shore of Lake Michigan lends itself to plenty of beach front to enjoy in the fairer weather.


North Beach
The locals prefer North Beach- a scenic beach in Lincoln Park.  The beach offers iconic views of the city and Castaways Bar & Grille for those in need of food and drink.


Oak Street Beach

Located near the Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast, the Oak Street Beach is located in a perfect spot and offers bikes, volleyball tournaments and scenic views.


South Shore Beach

This South Shore gem is a part of the South Shore Cultural Center, which is considered the jewel in the crown of this vibrant neighborhood. A magnificent country club-like interior offers a solarium, formal dining hall, the Paul Robeson Theater, the Washburne Culinary Institute, the Parrot Cage Restaurant (run by Washburne students), and the Dr. Margaret Burroughs gallery.




Wendy Park

Located right on Lake Erie, Wendy park is a perfect urban oasis.  Featuring volleyball, a beach, opportunity for stand up paddle boarding, and a pier for fishing, it truly caters to all.


Edgewater Park

The perfect place to enjoy beach life in the city! Edgewater Park offers loads of amenities and something for everybody.  Rent a cabana on the beach for a relaxing day or play beach volleyball in the sun.  Edgewater park features 1000 feet of swimmable beach and even a designated area for our four legged friends.


With the last month of summer upon us it’s time to make every weekend count—that means not wasting anytime in the car! Visit these beaches at some our waterfront cities and get some much needed beach time. 


Did we miss a spot?  Let us know!

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