• Small Business Shopping Guide

    Shop small and shop local!   It’s a new year! We’ve safely made it out of 2020 and into a, hopefully, more normal year. We are all painfully aware,...
  • Great Lakes Breweries

    This month we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites from all over the region, ensuring no matter where you are, you’re never far from exceptional craft beer. 
  • The Sand Dunes of the Great Lakes

    One of the most unique geological features of the Great Lakes are the various sand dunes we find along the shores. These sights are usually reserved for more exotic locales like Saudi Arabia or northern Africa but we have our own freshwater, Midwest mini-deserts in our own backyard.

    This month we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you to visit (safely of course), before it gets too cold to put your toes in the sand.

  • Lighthouses of the Great Lakes

    Lighthouses are a lot like land line telephones. Do they still have a function if need be? Sure. Are there better ways to get the job done? Oh yeah. But in these days of nostalgic analog everything (see: vinyl records making a comeback) lighthouses are still cool. They conjour memories of a different era and often call to mind the romance of the open water and ships making their way with lonely lighthouse keepers maintaining a dutiful watch, ensuring the lamp is lit. In fact, they are SO cool that many are still standing despite their obsolescence and some are open to the public for you to visit!
  • How to get rid of your empties AND make a difference

    In Michigan we’ve got the highest deposit at 10 cents per bottle/can which means residents don’t want to toss them to the curb just because bottle returns are closed. However with the stay at home order extended through at least May 28th, we’ll likely be running out of space to store our empties before we get a chance to return them. To complicate things, once returns open back up, the deluge of returns will likely overwhelm recyclers.
  • How To Make a Face Mask With Household Items

    As there is a global shortage of masks, the CDC has step-by-step instructions on making your own cloth mask at home to use should you have to go out and come in contact with others. Check out our list of instructions on how to make your own cloth facemask, some requiring NO sewing! Phew!

  • St. Patrick’s Day Around the Lakes

    St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and many cities in the Great Lakes region are celebrating! With that in mind we compiled a list of parades a...
  • How much does a polar bear weigh? The importance of icebreakers in Great Lakes commerce

    Our lakes are a year-round thoroughfare for ships moving goods thousands of miles to keep business humming and global commerce moving seamlessly, but how do they do it when there is thick ice from coast to coast? Icebreaker ships.
  • Lake-Effect Snow and the Climate

    Snow. Every year we in the Great Lakes region know it’s coming, but we’re never sure how much or when. Luckily we have the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences + Assessments to help shed light on what to expect this winter.
  • Michigan Winter Activities

    Michigan offers a plethora of winter activities for those willing to brave the elements. The beauty is that there is something to do for every skill level and every budget. 
  • Climate Change

    Climate change.  This phrase has been on the forefront of everyone’s mind and seemingly every media outlet recently.  We know what it is, but how ...
  • October Sights around the Great Lakes

    October means flannels, cider, and enjoying the fall colors around our lakes. In some parts of our region the leaves are just beginning to start t...