Who We Are



At Great Lakes Proud we sell a sticker. However, it is not just any sticker. Our sticker is a unique and beautiful 3 by 5inch, die-cut image of the Great Lakes (like our logo). No lettering or extras - just an attractive image of the Great Lakes that can be displayed anywhere!

The cool thing about Great Lakes Proud is that we were the very first to make a die-cut decal of the Great Lakes and actually created the entire market for the product. So, if you see them on etsy, amazon, or other stores throughout the state take a minute and ask them if they are Great Lakes Proud. If not, it's not the original and it's not saving our lakes!

For every sticker you buy, a percentage of that goes directly towards supporting the Great Lakes. But get this - you have a voice! Where and how that money should be spent is up to you! By purchasing our sticker you are empowered to make a difference and maintain our beautiful Great Lakes so that future generations can be just as proud as we are. 







Austin Holsinger created Great Lakes Proud in March of 2011. He is proud of growing up around the lakes and wanted a way for others to show how proud they are too. Great Lakes Proud was born and now the pride people are displaying can be seen on cars, bikes, and anything else you could imagine all around the United States, and even around the world. Read more about Great Lakes Proud here.