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Big comfy chairs, popcorn, giant pops, and even previews. These are a few things we haven’t been able to experience safely in a year. A night out at the movies is an occasion. Seeing your favorite director’s latest film, taking a date to see a movie on the big screen, or even just clapping along with the MJR song. While things aren’t back to normal yet, we can still get a modicum of the silver screen experience today through the nostalgic magic of the Drive-In movie theater.


Drive-Ins conjure up visions of 50’s cars parked side by side with speakers hanging on the doors pumping the movie audio into your giant Cadillac. While their hay-day has come and gone, the Drive-In movie theater can still be found and now serves a more necessary means of getting your film fix. The Drive-In movie theater is perfect for dates, or groups of friends to maintain distance from other theater goers while also enjoying their favorite films on the big screen and getting a night out on the town.


Since theaters have been closed for the most part of the past year major studios haven’t been releasing many new movies. As a result, Drive-Ins have been screening old classics. Back to the Future, Jaws, Jurassic Park, you name it! Who doesn’t want to see Jeff Goldblum on the big screen again? To scratch your movie theater itch, we’ve compiled a list of Drive-Ins through our region to get you out of the house and give you a chance to see some of your favorite movies again on the big screen. Enjoy!



Bedrock has created a drive-in experience in downtown Detroit on the Monroe Block adjacent to Campus Martius called the Monroe Street Drive-In. They partnered with E-magine theaters to bring you cinema classics every week. It’s $20 per vehicle to get in and concessions are available. The best part may be that you can order food from local restaurants to be delivered right to your car!

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Outside of Cleveland you’ll find the Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In Theatre. Built in 1965 and still family owned, the Aut-O-Rama drive-in is open from April through September each year. They offer first run movies and have a full classic snack bar. Want a funnel cake? They’ve got you.

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Just southwest of Milwaukee in Franklin, Wisconsin, you’ll find the Milky Way Drive In. Voted one of the Top 50 Drive-In theaters in the country, The Milky Way is a classic Drive-In theater experience with modern quality. They offer a 40 foot LED screen and even deliver concessions right to your car via golf car after you order online. What a time to be alive. Shows start Memorial Day weekend!

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Northern Michigan

The Cherry Bowl Drive-In theater is a gem that opened in the drive-in golden era. Being in operation for over 60 years it’s a truly nostalgic experience. Their sound system consists of the original vacuum tube motiograph amplifiers that still power our speakers at the speaker posts, but they also broadcast the audio over an FM station so you can listen through your car stereo as well. Next time you’re near Honor, Michigan (18 miles southwest of Traverse City), stop by Northern Michigan’s largest drive-in screen.

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