Community Activity

  • The Community March 2021 - Drive-Ins

     Drive-Ins!   Big comfy chairs, popcorn, giant pops, and even previews. These are a few things we haven’t been able to experience safely in a yea...
  • Great Lakes COVID Safe Dates

    COVID Safe Dates in the Great Lakes   February is best known for its amorous holiday, Valentine’s Day. COVID precautions and limited access to some...
  • Apple Orchards In the Great Lakes!

    Fall in the Great Lakes means cool days, cozy sweaters, and trips to the apple orchard! We’re fortunate that our region is perfect for the growth of apples and the fruits of those… well, fruit. Apple pie, cider, and of course, apple picking are all reasons why the passing of summer isn’t the worst thing in the world for those in the Great Lakes. In this month’s Community we’re going to talk about Michigan’s largest crop and where you can get yours!