Let us create a custom Great Lakes Proud decal, apparel or accessory item with your logo or branding! Our team of designers will work with you to create fully custom Great Lakes Proud products for your company or team that can also support charities and organizations of your choosing.


Having your brand integrated with one of the most widely recognized icons in the state is the ultimate marketing tool for brand awareness. 94% of decals are applied to vehicles and 5% are given away, which means your logo and brand has exponential, unlimited potential for exposure.


  • 94% of stickers end up applied and 5% are given away.

  • 2/3’s of those applied are on vehicles and seen by thousands of people.

  • The remaining end up on high visibility products.

Additionally, we promote each of our corporate partners on our Great Lakes Proud platforms, includ-ing social media mentions, blog posts, press releases and more.

Give Back + Do Good to Create Engaged Employees

Your custom, Great Lakes Proud decal is more than a branded corporate gift like a pen or coffee mug with your logo. Your Great Lakes Proud decal does good. It gives back to the community. Choose to support of our existing charities or select your own!


Companies that support special causes report increased employee engagement in newer generations

  • 17%

  • 9%
    Generation X

  • 5%
    Baby Boomers

  • 3%
  1. Engaged employees are productive employees.
  2. Engaged employees are brand ambassadors.
  3. Engaged employees created engaged customers.
  4. Engaged customers become brand ambassadors.
  5. Brand ambassadors create a strong corporate brand.

We can accommodate orders from 50 to 100,000+ with quick turnarounds

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