Do you love our Great Lakes?

Do you enjoy special discounts at retailers like Great Lakes Proud, The Mitten State, Woosah, Moosejaw and Patagonia?

Do you want to stay up to date with news about our Great Lakes?
Can you contribute $12 a year toward conservation efforts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'd enjoy being part of our membership-based Great Lakes Proud Community.

Picture This

  • Our GLP Community reaches 1 million members.
  • We are able to give $12 million each year to causes in our community.
  • For only $1 a month per person.

That's a Legacy worth Leaving

Here's the scoop

For a $12 donation (think of it like a $1 month), you'll receive the following delivered right to your inbox twice a month for 365 days:

  • Dedicated community newsletters

  • Monthly discounts from local and national retailers

  • Monthly giveaways for items like sweatshirts, Yeti coolers and paddleboards

  • A custom-designed GLP sticker (a $7 value)

Your $12 Makes a Big Difference!

THE GOAL OF THE GLP COMMUNITY IS TO GIVE 100%– yes, you read that correctly – of its yearly revenue back to our communities. We want to tackle large environmental issues that plague our region's greatest natural resources. Examples of projects GLP Community will support include the Flint water crisis, the discovery of PFAS in local water sources, and ongoing issues with Line 5, to name a few.

The larger our GLP Community, the more good we can do and the bigger impact we can make! Our community members will have the opportunity to shape where the money goes and keep us informed of environmental issues that are important.