Yeti Cooler Giveaway

Yeti has made coolers, cool.

So cool, in fact, that the Austin, TX based company proudly declares they are, “Built for close calls in far-flung places. Built for tall tales and epic adventures. Built for finding comfort well outside comfort zones. Built for the wild.”

In the 11 years since Yeti first hit the market, the company has gone from 0 to over $465 million (what the company sold in 2016!).

Yeti isn’t a brand, it’s a lifestyle - but just how exactly have they gotten to this point?

According to Corey Maynard, VP-marketing for Yeti, “Yeti reinvented a major part of this category and treated the cooler as more than a disposable product.”

But, seriously, how in the world has this cooler company become such a cultural phenomenon? In simple terms, Yeti is killing it at its marketing game, and as a result, outdoor enthusiasts around the country have jumped on the Yeti train.

And why wouldn’t they?

The cooler, which is designed to withstand grizzly attacks, is not to be messed around with.

Roy and Ryan Seiders (brothers, co-founders, movers and shakers) set out to do something that hadn’t yet been done, create a cooler that would last. A cooler that could withstand. A cooler to be desired.

GLP can’t wait for you to get outside and enjoy all Michigan has to offer with a Yeti at your side.

Yeti may be a Texas based company, but it resonates with all outdoor enthusiasts.

Here are 5 great ways you can proudly sport your Yeti in Michigan.

1: Take it with you on your trip to the Pictured Rocks

2: Use it when you’re fly fishing on the Au Sable

3: Have it on hand when you mountain bike in Marquette

4: Fill it up with some cold ones when tailgating at a Lion’s game

5: Stock it with goods when you trek the Sleeping Bear Dunes

It goes without saying that the Yeti Cooler is a solid product (just like GLP) and not just because it is literally a thick, solid chunk of plastic that is built the same as premium kayaks are, but also because the positive reviews are endless and the YouTube videos kick booty.

So don’t go easy on it! Take it with you on whatever adventures you find yourself.

It’s not just about having a cooler that a 500 pound man can stand on, it’s about being a part of something bigger, something different.

Whether you’re sporting a Yeti hat, a Rambler, a Hopper, an insulated beer bucket big enough for half-kegs, or a sticker on your truck (an increasingly popular thing to do), you are making a statement - and that is that you belong to something.

This something isn’t just about a cooler, it’s about a culture, and the people are what have made the Yeti Culture, cool.

And here in Michigan, we are (the) cool(est)!




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