We're updating our membership options!

The Great Lakes Proud Community has improved our purchasing options!
Check it out...
Since our mission is to give it didn't make sense to give $.33 of every dollar each month to our credit card processors. So we adjusted a few things.
Here's the breakdown:
1 member paying $1 monthly contributes $12/yr to The Community. After processing fees, that $12 turns into $8.04. BUT if we process one payment a year per customer that $12 ends up being $11.34! With 1k members being charged $1/month that's putting nearly $4k into our processor's pocket instead of our Great Lakes! It's a no-brainer.

Starting January 1st, 2019 our membership options will be as follows:
* $12/year recurring
* $52/year recurring - for those feeling exceptionally generous!

For everyone already signed up, NOTHING will change until your annual anniversary date!



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