Toronto, Ontario

Location: Lake Ontario

Ease of Getting There: 9/10

Ease of Staying There: 910

Ease of Eating There: 9/10



Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.  Toronto is a city for all seasons – feel the energy of the blazing colors of nature in the fall, and as winter sets in, you will experience the dazzling longer nights and broader lights of the sparkling city.


Toronto is a cosmopolitan city, offering shows, exhibits, sporting events and myriad activities in between.  Visitors can dine on dozens of different cuisine and lodging is plentiful. Outdoor activities don’t cease when the snow falls.  A quick 10-minute ferry ride takes you to the Toronto Islands, a great cold-weather getaway.  It is uniquely peaceful in the winter and presents cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and photo opps of the winter wonderland.  Pack food and drink with you, as local restaurants don’t operate on the island in the winter months.


Getting to Toronto is convenient by air or road travel.  Chicago is an eight-hour drive, Grand Rapids takes six hours by car and Detroit is just over four hours away.   There is also a train available from Windsor and Sarnia. 


Plan a trip this Christmas season and enjoy the markets and shopping experience to get you in the holiday spirit. 








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