Meet Erin!

If you follow Great Lakes Proud (@greatlakesproud) on Instagram, you might've noticed Erin pop up on our feed! She joined GLP this summer and has been an incredible part of our team. We're excited for you to get to know her! Take it away, Erin! 

1. Name? Erin Schweizer (@hol.e.schweiz) - I got married last December and still getting used to the new last name :)

2. Where do you live? We just bought our first home in Ferndale, MI and are currently fixing it up! But I grew up in Indian River, MI so I'm an Up North Girl.

3. Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise with coffee and donuts! Especially over Lake Superior. However, we do tend to spend more time on Lake Michigan and those sunsets never get old! 

4. Coffee order? I’m on a personal mission to find the best oat milk latte! Iced in the summer of course! 

5. Favorite spots to hang in your neighborhood? We love living in Ferndale because so many places are not only walkable but dog-friendly! We love grabbing a beer at Urbanrest Brewing, brunch from Bobcat Bonnies and if we’re feeling in the cocktail mood we hit up Valentine Distilling

Where can we find you on the weekends? We spend as many weekends as we can exploring Northern Michigan! Drinking beer, camping, swimming and hanging at the beach or riding our mountain bikes pretty much sums up the summer! If we’ve decided to stay home you might find me playing in some competitive volleyball tournaments around the Detroit area reliving the glory days (I played in college!). Or watching movies and hanging out in my backyard!  

7. Favorite movie quote? One of my top favorite movies is "Remember the Titans" and can probably recite every line!

8. What are your top 3 Must-See Places to visit around the Great Lakes? (1) The Petoskey & Harbor Springs area will always feel like home so it is on my top favorite places to go. (2) Marquette, MI up on Lake Superior has become my favorite place in the world and worth the journey to get to the Upper Peninsula. (3) Lastly, we visited Toronto, Canada a few years ago and I’m dying to get back and explore more around Lake Ontario! 

9. Your last meal on Earth would be…  anything with potatoes. I love them in all forms at all times of day!

10. A hidden gem you think everyone should know about but no one does? Where the Two Hearted River flows into Lake Superior (more about that in a future blog post coming soon!). I had never really explored that part of Lake Superior. Sometimes I can’t believe how vast it is and untouched it is!

11. Camping must-haves (include specific products if you can!): Ingredients to make s'mores (I prefer mine made with a Reeses instead of chocolate!),  my pillow (And no matter where we camp, I'm hauling my pillow!), and lastly beer! We have to have a cooler stocked!

12. A day out on the water must include: The pups, beer (are you sensing a trend here? Big beer girl!) and snacks. Hummus and pretzels are are my go-to's.

13. What's on your road trip playlist? Spotify Soak Up the Sun is unmatched!

14. Indi's favorite thing to do on the weekend? Indi is a big nap girl, which is surprising for an Aussie but thats her! And her favorite naps have to be ones in the sand on the beach! She can get cozy anywhere!

15. Cori's got a thing for...? Cori is our active Aussie! Girl just wants to play all day nonstop. We recently got her a frisbee and it is really fun to play with - She’s got hops, man! And does some crazy tricks!

16. Where do you show your Great Lakes Pride? (aka, where do you put the decal?) I’ve got decals on my cars, my roof top carrier, my mountain bike, my commuter bike, water bottles! You name it!  

Thanks, Erin! Make sure to follow @greatlakesproud on Instagram to see more of Erin's adventures :) 

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