Great Lakes Proud Jumps on the Blogwagon!

Perhaps you are one of the 100,000 people rocking the Great Lakes Proud sticker.  I am.  Isn’t it funny how one little sticker can speak volumes about someone?  Even if you’re not a sticker person, it’s not about the sticker - it’s about the image.  I saw that image and I instantly connected.  You did too, right?  In that unmistakable shape of our beautiful Great Lakes, we see our roots, our values, our interests.   It’s the perfect example of “wearing your heart on your sleeve.”  That’s not just a $5 sticker on the back window of my Ford, that’s my heart, for all to see.

So, a young guy named Austin created Great Lakes Proud back in 2011.  He wanted to share his love of the Great Lakes with others and use it as an avenue to preserve and protect the waters and beaches of his childhood.  Last year, Austin donated 15% of GLP profits to water quality organizations throughout the Great Lakes watershed.  Since 2011, thousands of followers have begun displaying their GLP stickers and sharing the love.  What started as a vision has become a movement. 

Now fast forward to 2013.  This is actually Day 1 of my tenure at GLP, but you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.  Austin invited me to join the GLP movement as a blog writer and it seems this job was handcrafted for me.  I am a Michigander with a 14 year career in natural resources.  I’m also a busy mom, triathlete, natural foodie, fitness fanatic and environmental steward all rolled into one little package of positive energy.  And I am pumped to share my enthusiasm for all things Great Lakes.

So, before you jump ship, this is definitely not a blog about me, or about Austin or about a sticker company.  It’s about the Great Lakes!  It’s about you and your roots.  It’s about your interests in the water, beaches, and shorelines.  It’s a blog about our amazing natural resources and how we can protect them.  It’s about cool things to do in and around the Great Lakes region.  This will be OUR Great Lakes Proud blog.  Take me places, and tell me your story and with your help, this blog will build a life of its own.  Sometimes, it will give you the urge to grab your kids and drive to the lake, or to give selflessly to your community, or to make changes that will improve water quality in your watershed. 

I promise you no complaining, no politics, no finger-pointing.  You promise me that when you read something you like, you let me know – share it, like it or leave a comment.  If you disagree, that’s cool too – I’m a big girl and I can respect everyone's opinion.  What I can’t handle is silence.  So, if you’re down with this plan, let me hear you. Together, we are the voice of the Great Lakes, and the sticker is our messenger.  Creatively display your Great Lakes Proud sticker on your car, surfboard, bike, briefcase, iPad, waterbottle, skateboard, mailbox, kitty cat, whatever.  Pick one up, stick it on something and join the movement. 

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