Best Scenic Drives in Michigan

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When the vacation season starts in the summer, every booking agency is quickly over its head with traveling arrangements for people who want to have everything at their plate. Instead, let us help you engage your adventurous spirit for once? Instead of paying someone to organize your entire trip, get in your car or hop on your bike and see some vivid places in your neighborhood. You can relax your body and soul with some of the greatest sights of sunsets, nature and pure beauty all over the Michigan.

The state surrounded with the Great Lakes gives you a variety of choices. Which way will you head in order to capture a moment in time you’ll cherish for the rest of your life? The entire peninsula is connected with its road network so you can see many of its famous and breathtaking places at once.

Brockway Mountain Drive

Featuring one of the longest straight drives you can get, enjoy a panoramic perspective all the way. On one side you’ll have blue Lake Superior, on the other Brockway Mountain with its endless woodlands. The road itself is 720 feet above the lake and on few points you’ll be able to catch amazing photos of Copper Harbor. On clear days, you’ll even be able to see Isle Royale which is around 50 miles away. Driving through Brockway Mountain tops the list of “Best Views” of everyone who has ever been there. Eagle Harbor will probably give you the best “eagle-eye” view ever.

Red Arrow Highway

If you are easygoing and like to make pit-stops while you drive, take his route for sure. This portion of the road is filled with beautiful beaches great for swimmers. The climate of this area is great during the summer, so you could use the entire day to look around. There is quite a number of coastal villages that offer the vast variety of content from museums, antique galleries, etc. Thanks to the good average temperature during the entire year and great wind coverage, this part of Michigan is great for wine business. On your way down the Red Arrow Highway you will have chance to taste some of the most famous domestic wines, but be sure not to drive under the influence and take your time between the sips!

Tunnel of Trees

Part of the Scenic Heritage Route on M-119 highway, and a bit north of Harbor Springs, the Tunnel of Trees is definitely something you have to see at least once in your life. The surrounding scenery belongs on a magazine cover. Dense forestry from both sides of the road forms a dense shroud, giving the impression you are in a tunnel. From one side, you’ll catch a glimpse of the lake while on the other side you’ll be able to see small summer cottages.

Mighty Mac

Better known as The Mackinac Bridge, this is the biggest suspension bridge in the Northern Hemisphere with its 7,400 feet of a road over the water. The total length of the bridge, with the approaches, is somewhere around five miles. Connecting upper and lower peninsulas, the bridge gives you the impression of hovering above the endless water looking on both sides of the land. After you cross the bridge you should visit the famous “Mystery Spot” located nearby and be a part of millions that come to see the wonders that occur in this 300 foot diameter space.

Sunrise Coast

When you are traveling north, this route should be your primary one. Going down the M-23 you’ll be able to find dozens of beautiful picnicking spots. Memories ready to be framed will be all around you once you get to any of the coastal villages stretched down the shores of Lake Huron. If you are into architecture, or you just like vintage buildings, your main pit-stop should be at the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse which was built back in 1870. The sun-drenched scenery on this route will be stuck in your head for months once you see it; just wait for the sunset and you’ll see for yourself!

Abandon all plans and schedules for once in your life and head down the road around the Great Lakes. Make sure your camera is always ready, charged and supplied with tons of virtual memory because you will have plenty of images to capture wherever you go. Feed your mind with the mixture of stunning nature, scenic routes and the warmth of rural spirit.

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