Best Pizza Places In Michigan

the best pizza in michigan

Michigan is famous for quite a vast number of interesting things. First and foremost are the Great Lakes, which play a main role across the entire region. The next well-known Michigan feature are the numerous brewing companies. What goes better with beer than pizza? Luckily, that is the third item on our list today: Michigan’s pizza community.  Probably the best known from this region is :”Detroit Style” pizza, made in a square-shape deepdish. Pizza prepared this way brought attention to the culture of pizza-making in Michigan thanks to big chains like Domino’s and Little Caesar’s. Today we will be looking at the dozens of small, family-owned pizzerias that prepare simply amazing food.

If you are a foodie like I am, and you just love the god-like combination of dough, cheese and various colorful ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, pepperoni, etc. you’ll have to visit Michigan. This state is packed with great restaurants that offers pizzas you never even imagined existed.

Loui’s Pizza

As mentioned before, Detroit-style pizza really changed the perspective of pizza making. Loui’s is considered the best place in Detroit itself. Rich with cheese and sauce, and baked into a familiar shape, Loui’s pizza will instantly make you drool.

Mani Osteria and Bar

If you are more into traditional Italian pizza, made in the wood-fire oven, then this should be your first pick. Classic, elegant and most importantly tasty; anything baked with pure-wood fire becomes better.

Amar Pizza

Totally different focus brought a totally different dish to the game. Yes, it is pizza, but it’s inspired by Bengali cuisine, meaning, it is hot as hell. Every pizza made in Amar’s is very spicy, seasoned with tandoori or naga spices. If you want it super extreme, there are even Ghost pepper pizzas here.

Ambassador Restaurant

Since there are many different perspectives when it comes to pizza making, let me just say, Mexico. Here at Ambassador’s you’ll get topping consisting of traditional Mexican ingredients and, of course, familiar cheese coming from the south.


Although their preparation is the same as many classic pizza parlors, the high-quality ingredients they use are on a new level. Almost everything is organic, even cheese that is made from cows that were only fed with natural grass.

Supino Pizzeria

Another member of traditional-style pizza places that make Sicilian-style pizzas. This kind of pizza includes only a few essential ingredients on top of a very thin crispy crust.

Bigalora Cucina

Bigalora Cucina is an Italian pizza place that puts emphasis on making healthy pizzas. Wood-fired ovens that are custom made for pizza baking are the first thing you should know about this restaurant. The second thing to know is they cook with a carefully selected variety of sausages, vegetables, and spices.

Tomatoes Apizza

An interesting looking pizza, “Napoletana”, comes to your table straight out of the coal-fire oven that gives the bottom of the crust a charred color, but this element actually gives the crust a chewy feel. Another feature that makes this one pop out of the sea of other pizza places, is the amount of sauce and cheese they put on their pizza.

Curry on Crust Desi Pizza

An entirely different level of pizza making without a traditional combination of ingredients. Every pizza here is based on chicken, but the trick is in topping with the variety they serve, as well as creating curry that will blow your mind.

Georgio’s Gourmet Pizza

A perfect place for night-owls that can’t handle fast food or soulless options late at night. Georgio’s is open on late nights and even stays open until after midnight. You’ll be able to eat something very tasty to satisfy your craving.

Brioni’s Pizzeria

Nothing too out of the ordinary with this place, except for the way they make their pepperoni pizza. First of all, pepperonis on top of the pizza are smaller and somehow symmetrically placed all over the crust and even more important, they’re not greasy at all. Usually pepperoni pizza is soaking in grease, but with their innovative technique, which is a house secret, you won’t see any of it on top of your meal.

Pizza Papalis

This place is perfect when you want more from your pizza. It looks like regular deep dish pizza, but it has layers filled with taste. They also spare no tomato with their generous servings of sauce.

Silvio’s Organic Pizza

I’ve already mentioned some restaurants that tend to care for your health, but at Silvio’s it’s not only about the way ingredients were produced but also from where they come from. Almost all of their ingredients come from local farms. In addition, Silvio offers 36 different topping combinations!

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