Top 7 Lighthouses in Michigan

Maybe you are a travel addict; someone who likes to go from place to place and document every stop on the journey. Maybe you are someone who just enjoys beautiful, tranquil views and breathtaking scenery. The Great Lakes are one of the biggest natural beauties you’ll find in North America; if you are a citizen of the United States or Canada, you have to visit them at least once in your life. A mixture of colors, with woods that meet pure blue water, and beaches covered in sand and rock, you won’t leave indifferent.

Most of the area cities were settled over 200 years ago and you can feel the spirit of that time in all of them. Most of the economy in this region depends on the lakes, which are used as main highways. There are hundreds of lighthouses that can be seen along the lakeshores. Michigan is the home of many old lighthouses that make a perfect holiday memory. Combined with their piers, most of them are great inspiration for photographers. If you end up in Michigan, be sure not to miss these great lighthouses listed below.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Built in 1825 and rebuilt in 1829 and again in 1861, Fort Gratiot is the oldest operating lighthouse in the Great Lakes. Constructed of red bricks painted white and located on Lake Huron at the entrance into the St Clair River, this old timer still provides the way to modern day sailing crafts. The height of Fort Gratiot is 89 feet and during the business days it welcomes visitors to take a tour of the facility. The surrounding beach is filled with white and brown rocks, which contrast the painted-red fog whistle and the Keeper’s house.

White River Light Station Museum

Built in 1875, this great brick-building is no longer operational as a lighthouse. Its interior has been modified into a museum where visitors can see some of the most important events in the history of the area. From newspaper articles, reports and pictures, visitors that come here can find out every detail about shipping, lumbering, huge thunderstorms and the function of the lighthouse.

DeTour Reef Light

Located one mile offshore, DeTour Reef Light is opened from June to August. Built in 1931, it still works and guides ships away from a dangerous reef. Ships use it to navigate from both Lake Superior and Lake Huron on their way through the St. Mary’s River. This historic landmark is being maintained by the DeTour Reef Light Preservation Society, which has received multiple awards over the years for keeping this historical treasure well maintained and functional.

Pointe aux Barques Light

The literal translation of this lighthouse’s name is ‘Point of Little Boats’, and refers to shallow waters surrounding it. Still functional and operated by the US Coast guard, It is one of the ten oldest lighthouses in Michigan. The original lighthouse was built in 1847, but was replaced after just 10 years of service due to poor construction. The current tower is 89 feet high and the light it throws is clearly visible 16 miles away. The Keeper’s house has now turned into a museum with fun documentation from the past. It even features a room specially dedicated to the many shipwrecks that have occurred close to the lighthouse.

Round Island Lighthouse

A true eye-catcher, Round Island Lighthouse looks like it was taken out of a fairytale. The structure of the house built next to the tower and extending into the water is really something to behold. The lighthouse was built in 1895 and abandoned in 1947. It began to deteriorate in the 1970’s but thanks to a group of local people with the help of US agencies, it was preserved from further destruction. In 1996, the lighthouse was relit and  still serves in navigating ships through the straits.

Grand Haven State Park Lighthouse

When you imagine how a lighthouse and its surrounding should look, you end up with the Grand Haven State Park Lighthouse. With its long pier and boardwalk, connected with the lighthouse at the top, you really get a view worth mentioning. It was originally built in 1839 and rebuilt in 1905. The red tower of the lighthouse looks great with waves crashing against the high pier.

Little Sable Point Light

With great water around it and surrounded by a sandy beach, this brick lighthouse gives a perfect environment for some painting. Finished in 1874, the construction took three years to complete due to the lack of roads leading to the site. In 1949 the lighthouse was closed. After 50 years of shutterd light, Little Sable Point was reopened and now guides ships every year from June to October.

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