Haunted Houses in Michigan

The Halloween season is just around the corner. The idea of a haunted house may seem a bit childish, but trust me, the ones you’ll read about below will make you feel scared for sure. Yeah, you know nothing inside is real, there is nothing actually lurking around you, but say that to yourself once you enter their doors. Enjoy your frightening ride through these blood-icing destinations.

Brandywine Cemetery

If you want a 100 percent unique experience for your Halloween, this is the place to be. Everything was created by the owner, Robert Beech, making it even more scary. Every statue outside, along with the freaks inside, is hand-made. To make it more exclusive, this venue is opened only on the 30th and 31st of October. Entrance is free because Robert relies on volunteers to run the night. The background is animated, while kids in costumes run around tombstones and gargoyles the entire night.

St. Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum

The first thing that gives away the true quality of this place is the crowd waiting to get inside. It’s not just a cheap commercial trick, and you will understand that once you enter. Characters will scare you with their demented moves and their looks are the most believable you’ll ever see. There is no “script” for this show, so even if you go inside multiple times you’ll still be confused and lost from the horrors you’ll encounter. The interior is detailed with style, and carefully developed thanks to some serious research. Careful details shows the serious research that went into to bringing the styling to life. Combined with the unpredictable characters, high-quality thrills await you.

Darksyde Acres Haunted House

Darksyde Acres Haunted House is something special and rare. This attraction is one of the world’s largest events celebrating the holiday. Spreading across 70,000 square feet, this place contains three haunted houses filled with scary content. The good thing about it is that you can be scared in multiple levels, meaning you’ll decide how scary you want the night to be. Even families can enjoy this venue with their kids having access to friendly games and less scary places, while hardcore fans of horror can experience true gore. The special effects team working in Darksyde has been awarded for their work multiple times, so don’t worry, you are in “evil” hands here.

Jackson’s Underworld

Located in Jackson, Michigan, Jackson’s Underworld is another titan among the haunted houses. Rated as one of the scariest in the United States, Jackson’s Underworld definitely fulfills its reputation. A four storey house, with over 100,000 square feet, is filled with different animatronics and special effects side-by-side with freaky creatures lurking around you. It takes almost an hour to go through the entire facility and during this trip the hair on your skin will constantly be up. People who visit it once tend to go back, since every show is changed regularly. The entire complex was planned to be used for this kind of program, so adapting it to the new environment is quite easy.

The Bone Yard

A haunted house with its own story and rich history, it is definitely worth mentioning. The main character of this location is surrounded by a freak boy, and later on a clown, who was killed and left in the woods. Every visitor is informed about the background, and properly scared, before even entering one of four existing attractions this house offers. Visitors can choose between Route 666, Scarecrow Hollow, The Freak Show, and Deadwood Forest. Each of them is unique in its own way and designed for different people.

Spicing up your Halloween experience should be your main goal this October. Use this guide wisely, your heart, and possibly your pants, are on the line. Don’t take these lightly, all of them are far from the haunted houses you’ve seen at the county fairs. Feel free to visit all of them if you have enough time, and make sure to share your stories with us!

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