Best Great Lakes Public Beaches

best beaches in michiganThe world would be boring if we all liked the same things and enjoyed the same places. During summer vacations, most people rush to the seaside no matter where it is, trying to cool down from the exhausting heat. It’s nice enjoying the waves, the sun and sandy beaches, but sometimes I’m not thrilled by getting all that salt on my skin. I can freely say I’m a freshwater fish and I enjoy rivers and lakes much more than the ocean. Living in the Midwest gives us all the wonderful accommodation of having the Great Lakes as a place of recreation. Rich with amazing beaches, ports, and national parks, this is definitely where you can find me during my summer vacations.

For someone like me, the Great Lakes are the biggest treasure on the mainland. Spreading across multiple states, the Great Lakes could give you the impression you are actually on the seaside. The great thing about the beaches that surround the lake is that many of them are on public land so, at no cost to you, you can take a day trip to enjoy the lakeside. Here’s a list of the best Great Lakes Public Beaches that you can refer to next time you’re looking to cool off in the Summer heat.

  1.    Grand Haven State Park

If you decide to pay a visit to this resort you should focus on its west side where Lake Michigan is. The beautiful sandy beach will give you inspiration for endless walks or various options where you could lay and rest while the crystal clear blue water will simply call you to enter and chill for a while. Sunset is the best time to visit the pier to enjoy scenic views on the lake. Don't forget to take amazing photos of the famous red lighthouse located at the peak of the park.

  1.    Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sleeping Bear Dunes features 65 miles of long and narrow lakeshore to choose from for your adventures. Various inland lakes give you privacy and are also the perfect photo session background. Besides the inland lakes, you can enjoy marvelous forests with a vast variety of both plant and animal species. The view from the top is another breathtaking feature of the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

  1.    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

The colorful sandstone cliffs look like they were hand-painted, earning the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore its name. The view stretches throughout 15 miles of lakeshore. Even though the shore itself is very narrow, it is easy to find the perfect spot to enjoy the view or to take a jump into the water. Just like the Sleeping Bear Dunes, this beach also has a great inland area with a vast number of waterfalls, caves, and dunes.

  1.    Sand Point Beach

Located at Lake Superior, this beach is one of the well-hidden gems of this area. The entire beach is covered with soft, warm sand, perfect for long walks. There is not a big depth in this area of the lake so even swimmers with less experience can enjoy it. The water is 100% see-through so you can easily go rock hunting and diving. People who know the lakes as their own pocket say that the water in Lake Superior is cold, but not here. It takes some time to adapt to the temperature of the water, but afterward it’s only pleasure you’ll get.

  1.    Miners Beach

This beach will be the delight of anyone who loves picnicking. The beach itself is not huge but there is plenty of room, so you will never feel crowded. The water color goes from bright blue to dark green, giving you an impression like you are at some Caribbean island. Also, the temperature of the water is just as it should be, but be aware of the rip current moving away from the shore; it has enough power to drag away even the best swimmers.

This is just the short list of many beauties you can experience on the Great Lakes. Depending on your preferences and the type of vacation, you can pick one that suits you. Dive into your freshwater adventure!

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  • I agree with all five! And I would add Pere Marquette in Muskegon.

    Kay Misenheimer

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