Top 10 Coolest Breweries in Michigan

The first thought that comes to one's mind once Michigan is mentioned are the Great Lakes for sure. But another thing  that puts Michigan high on the United States list of great things is their beer. Culture of microbreweries and craft breweries is something widely appreciated all over Michigan. It all started as a intention of few but soon turned in very profitable business. Nowadays you can find beers coming from Michigan all over the America. Some companies managed to rise from their closed small world into large producers well known and respected in all 50 states.

When it comes to brewing it’s all about the passion and innovation. Brewing techniques were developed centuries ago, the job of modern beer makers is to combine traditional knowledge with new approach and ideas. Breweries I will mention further on did that and succeeded to create unique tasting drinks with so much soul in it.


Probably the most famous beer maker from Michigan, dating back to 1994, succeeded to overcome financial difficulties in their very beginning by the clear idea of making rich-flavored beers with interesting aromatics and complexity of ingredients. Their most famous brews are Backwoods Bastard, All Day IPA and Porter.


For almost twenty years this company was a local favorite. The brewery in Warren was found in 1998 and with all the awards that they have won in last few years it wasn’t enough sticking to the only one facility. Motivated with the success they are expanding to a bigger place with tasting room, outdoor beer garden and larger production capacity. Top sellers from Kuhnhenn are Double Rice IPA, Simcoe Silly and Bourbon Barrel Fourth Dementia.


Definitely the company with integrity and straight in your face policy. People that make this beer everyday never wanted to compromise neither with taste and the way they sell their product. This sure is the reason for their success all over the country. Their speciality are IPAs with balanced taste and strong aroma. Top of the class from Dark Horse are Scotty Karate, Crooked Tree IPA and Reserve Special Black Ale.


Great story of one person willing to give it all for his dream. Young 22 years-old Joe Short was ready to risk everything in order to deliver the most creative beers to the world. Backed with his community and the people who liked his ideas and tastes that came from them helped him build a solid brewing business in just more than ten years. Famous brews coming from Short’s are Key Lime Pie, Soft Parade and Bloody Beer.


One of the fastest growing breweries in Michigan that lay its policy on “no extracts” in their products. This philosophy brought them huge respect from people who like the authentic taste of beer. The funniest part of this story is that they have a beer that is brewed with smoked pig head called Pig Porter. Best sellers are definitely Blue Magic, Hop Owl and Stowaway Saison.

  1.    Bell’s Brewery Inc.

The oldest and the most spread beer coming from Michigan. Started with only soup kettle in 1985 now covers over 40 percent of America. Even tho they grew far more than they’ve expected every beer is still produced with the same passion and there is no difference in taste what so ever. Some of their beers you could find in your local store are 30th Anniversary Ale, Batch 1000 and Bear Hug.


What happens when you combine traditional United Kingdom style of ale making with Michigan craft beer culture? You get Arcadia ales famous, for its ingredients coming straight out of the UK, prepared in British machines, but with an American twist. Bestselling products of the company are Nut Brown Ale, Anglers Ale and Shipwreck Porter.


This company could easily change their name to “Everything” since that’s what they make. Unlike the others, people from Dragonmead didn’t want to stick to only one brewing style so they offered a variety of beers rooting to England, Russia and Germany. This mixture resulted in the gold medal at World Beer Cup. Beers you have to try are Erik the Red, Final Absolution and Crusader Dark Mild Ale.


When you mention sour beer to anyone from Michigan first thing that comes to their minds is Jolly Pumpkin beer. Their style brought a lot of attention to their products so nowadays they are expanding their facilities and delivering over 5,000 barrels of beer yearly. Best known Jolly’s beers are Oro de Calabaza, Bam Biere and Luciernaga.

  1.   New Holland

One more brewery with a long tradition, but in the case of New Holland, they are famous for another thing: alcohol percentage in their beers. Knowledge gathered through years of interest was implemented in new ways of brewing giving the world tasty and yet quite strong beverages, most notable in their Dragon's Milk bourbon barrel stout, a delicious libation that has more alcohol than about any other beer you're going to be able to buy at a store. 

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