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THE GOAL OF THE GLP COMMUNITY IS TO GIVE 100% – yes, you read that correctly – of its yearly revenue back to our lakes and communities. We want to tackle large environmental issues that plague our region's greatest natural resources and we want to do it together, with you, as a community. 

Examples of projects GLP Community will support include the Flint water crisis, the discovery of PFAS in local water sources, and ongoing issues with Line 5, to name a few.


The larger our GLP Community, the more good we can do and the bigger impact we can make! Our community members will have the opportunity to shape where the money goes and keep us informed of environmental issues that are important.
When you purchase your membership, you will be billed $12 up front (like $1 per month but to avoid 12 transaction charges), and you will get access to news, events, discounts, giveaways, and more all sent right to your inbox (no login necessary). We'll also send you a specialty GLP sticker (valued at over half of the price of your yearly membership) just for signing up!
If you help us spread the word, we'll keep sending you and your friends GLP gear too. Let's make the GLP Community impact HUGE!

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