A bit about our beautiful lakes

Looking for a unique Midwest gift? Great Lakes Proud makes the perfect gift anyone with ties to our Great Lakes. Everyone who has been to the region has most likely seen the Great Lakes. They are beautiful and should be experienced by all. The Great Lakes Proud sticker is the ideal gift for remembering those beautiful trips to the Lakes no matter where you are today.

The Great Lakes are such a large part of what makes the Midwest special. Bordering seven U.S. states and one Canadian province, the Great Lakes are special to millions of people. Buy a sticker as a gift to share your appreciation and pride in as well as for our Great Lakes.

The best part about buying a sticker as a gift is that in doing so you are donating to organizations throughout the Midwest that support the conservation of the Great Lakes so that future generations can be as proud of the Great Lakes as we are!

Order yours now! Then leave a note on our Facebook wall with where you would like to see money donated to in order to keep the Lakes clean!